The many benefits harmonizing frequencies

Music is an important part of our everyday lives. It provides us with entertainment and an excuse to sing badly at the top of our lungs. Many people don’t know what modern science is beginning to collaborate on is the many health benefits of certain harmonizing frequencies that can heal our body and enlighten our minds.

I discovered the benefits of these healing frequencies by accident while listening to Native American Indian flute music. It helps to calm me down and keep me focused. When I am writing and listening to my collection of American Indian artists, my writing is more fluid, and I often find myself losing track of time.

Before modern medicine, there was music

Before modern medicine, healers around the world would use these harmonizing frequencies to heal their patients. The Gregorian chants, created around the tenth or eleventh century, can lower your heart rate and blood pressure. Monks would listen to the chants to help them enter a trance-like state. Another example is the Tibetan singing bowls. Each bowl can be tuned to a specific frequency to help you in your meditation. I have one tuned to 432Hz, which is the Earth tone.

Harmonize frequencies for your soul

To the human ear, you may not hear the difference between something in the 440Hz range, which is the current standard for tuning musical instruments, and the 432Hz range, but you will feel the benefits on the inside all the same.

432Hz Frequency – Earth Tone

In 1940 the 440Hz frequency became the standard worldwide. It’s a shame because the calming benefits of the 432Hz frequency can no longer be ignored.
The 432Hz frequency is the Earth Tone or the planet’s heartbeat. When listening to music played at this frequency, people report feeling more relaxed, colors seem more vibrant, and many experienced a clarity that they have never felt before.
This is what I experienced when I started listening to Native American Indian flute music.

528Hz Frequency – Restoring

One of the powerful harmonizing frequencies that I have begun listening to is the 528Hz frequency. This frequency is everywhere! It is in the air we breathe and the water we drink. When bees fly, their wings resonate with the 528Hz frequency. It is the love or miracle frequency.
Research has shown that the 528Hz frequency can remove impurities around our cells by matching their frequency 528; it vibrates the impurities away, allowing the DNA to be as efficient and healthy as possible.
Another example of the sheer power of 528, the BP Deepwater Horizon Oilspill, used the 528Hz frequency to help clean up the damage.

963Hz Frequency – Awakening

The 963Hz frequency is for those who are seeking a higher state of being. Also known as the Pure Miracle Tones, the 963Hz frequency activates your pineal gland. The Pineal Gland is responsible for our consciousness and motor functions, so you can see why this cone-shaped piece of matter is so important.

Often time the Pineal Gland can become blocked due to everyday life. Stress, anxiety, and environmental toxins contribute to the Pineal Gland becoming blocked and limiting our ability to reach a higher state of consciousness.
Normally the Pineal Gland is smaller than a pea, but in some Indian Masters, it was discovered their Pineal Gland is the size of a lemon. Meditating while listening to this frequency will help clear out that blockage and allow you to reach your inner potential.

A meditative journey toward a better life

At the beginning of my journey, I knew very little, and after a year’s worth of meditation and inward reflection, I still know very little, but that’s ok. Where’s the fun in knowing everything? We are meant to be curious, and we are meant to explore. We are meant to grow.
Past generations were more concerned with outward growth and paid little attention toward inward growth, and you can see where that has led us. Fortunately, more and more people are looking inward for their spiritual and physical health. I urge you to take a quiet moment and close your eyes. Shut out the word and quiet your thoughts. There’s someone in there that’s dying to meet you.