Hip & Joint Supplements for your Pup

The marvel of science has allowed us to achieve more within our bodies. We live longer, move faster, jump higher, all thanks to a better understanding of our bodies. Well, the same goes for your beloved four-legged friends. Your dog’s knees and joints can get just as painful for them as it is for us, so let’s help your PBFF (Puppy Best Friend Forever) with some hip and joint supplements that are great for helping your pooch live a longer, healthier and active life.

My own personal experience

When I first picked up Dexter from the Phoenix Humane Society back in 2014, we instantly bonded. As I got him in the car he was a little hesitant, but as soon as we left the parking lot, he climbed into my lap and stayed there the whole trip home.
“Thank you for saving me!!” He was saying as he let out a happy sigh and relaxed on our first car trip home. I couldn’t have been happier. It was several years later that he started having trouble with his hips and it would hurt him. X-rays showed some hip dysplasia and the Veterinarian recommended putting him on daily supplements to help.

We tried a variety of different brands and finally came down to two that my finicky furry friend loves;
Authority Hip & Joint Support
Only Natural Pet Hemp Hip & Joint Support

Authority Hip & Joint Support

Hip and joint supplement to keep you pup active for life!
Dexter is ready to play!

These grain and gluten-free jerky sticks are a favorite for my picky pup. After going through multiple brands of hip and joint supplements, Authority is the one he prefers the most.
At only 22 calories per stick, you won’t be making your pet overweight. Dexter weighs in around 40 pounds and I give him 2 jerky sticks each night and he continues to be his naturally hyperactive self.

Only Natural Pet Hip & Joint Support

This is a recent addition that Dexter seem to enjoy as much as the Authority Jerky Sticks. Unlike Authority, these are all natural and do not contain Glucosamine Chondroitin. He hasn’t slowed down at all, so we will see if these end up staying in the rotation.

…into the future

At six years old, Dexter is still that same happy, playful pup that first warmed my heart. He plays daily and his hips rarely bother him. I’m happy to say that the hip and joint supplements I give him daily allow him to continue to chase after the toys, birds, flies, laser beams, and my cat.

I love that dog o’ mine.