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  • Self Awareness

    Self Awareness – The first step to meeting your inner self

    Self Awareness is an important step in your spiritual growth and will open the door to many possibilities. As you begin down a meditative path toward self awareness, you will introduce yourself to a stranger. Yourself. The Inner Self. The Real You. The Head Cheese. The Big Kahuna! When first starting, one of the key…

  • Quiet and calm

    A meditative moment…

    It’s time for a meditative moment. To start, find a quiet place where you can sit with no sound and quiet the thoughts in your head? If you’re thinking, “Oh sure! Easier said than done!” You’re mistaken. It’s not easy. I meditate three to six times a week, and it is always a struggle to…

  • Tiffani Satterelli

    Tiffani Satterelli

    Client: Tiffani SatterelliSite concept design for a model and actress based in Phoenix, AZSite design completed in Adobe PhotoshopPage 1

  • Silvercloud Cleaning

    Silvercloud Cleaning

    Client: Silvercloud CleaningSite design for a new cleaning company based in San Diego, CASite design completed in Adobe PhotoshopPage 1

  • Rowdy Pink Boutique

    Rowdy Pink Boutique

    Client: Rowdy Pink BoutiqueConcept site design for a clothing boutique in Scottsdale, AXSite design completed in Adobe Photoshop.Page 1

  • Rock n' Rose Brewery

    Rock n’ Rose Brewery

    Client: Rock n’ Rose BreweryConcept site design for a brewery concept based in Phoenix, AZ.Site design completed in Adobe Photoshop.Page 1

  • Prestige Tattoo

    Prestige Tattoo

    Client: Prestige TattooConcept site design for a custom tattoo shop based in Raleigh, NC.Site design completed in Adobe Photoshop.Page 1

  • Phoenix Medical Massage

    Phoenix Medical Massage

    Client: Shawna Huskey, LMTConcept web design for a licensed massage therapist in Phoenix, AZCustom HTML5/CSS3/Photo editing/Content creation.Page 1 | Page 2 | Page 3

  • Moonlight Video Production

    Client: Moonlight Video ProductionWebsite: – InactiveCustom website for Los Angeles based videographer and producer.Custom HTML5/CSS3/Adobe FlashPage 1 | Page 2 | Page 3

  • Louiselle

    Client: Melanie WilliamsSite design for actress and singer Melanie “Louiselle” Williams based in Los Angeles, CA.Custom HTML5/CSS3/JavascriptPage 1 | Page 2 | Page 3