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Follow me and a dog named Dexter on a journey into this thing called life. Part 1 was all about growing up, making mistakes, and learning from those mistakes. Life part 2 is all about following my dreams, letting my creative energy flow, and learning from those earlier mistakes... it's a life long process.
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  • Self Awareness

    Self Awareness – The first step to meeting your inner self

    Self Awareness is an important step in your spiritual growth and one that will open the door to many possibilities. As you begin down a meditative path toward self awareness, you will introduce yourself to a stranger. Yourself. The Inner Self. The Real You. The Head Cheese. The Big Kahuna! One of the key steps…

  • Tiffani Satterelli

    Tiffani Satterelli

    Client: Tiffani SatterelliSite concept design for a model and actress based in Phoenix, AZSite design completed in Adobe PhotoshopPage 1

  • Silvercloud Cleaning

    Silvercloud Cleaning

    Client: Silvercloud CleaningSite design for a new cleaning company based in San Diego, CASite design completed in Adobe PhotoshopPage 1

  • Rowdy Pink Boutique

    Rowdy Pink Boutique

    Client: Rowdy Pink BoutiqueConcept site design for a clothing boutique in Scottsdale, AXSite design completed in Adobe Photoshop.Page 1

  • Rock n' Rose Brewery

    Rock n’ Rose Brewery

    Client: Rock n’ Rose BreweryConcept site design for a brewery concept based in Phoenix, AZ.Site design completed in Adobe Photoshop.Page 1

  • Prestige Tattoo

    Prestige Tattoo

    Client: Prestige TattooConcept site design for a custom tattoo shop based in Raleigh, NC.Site design completed in Adobe Photoshop.Page 1

  • Phoenix Medical Massage

    Phoenix Medical Massage

    Client: Shawna Huskey, LMTConcept web design for a licensed massage therapist in Phoenix, AZCustom HTML5/CSS3/Photo editing/Content creation.Page 1 | Page 2 | Page 3

  • Moonlight Video Production

    Client: Moonlight Video ProductionWebsite: www.moonlightvideo.com – InactiveCustom website for Los Angeles based videographer and producer.Custom HTML5/CSS3/Adobe FlashPage 1 | Page 2 | Page 3

  • Louiselle

    Client: Melanie WilliamsSite design for actress and singer Melanie “Louiselle” Williams based in Los Angeles, CA.Custom HTML5/CSS3/JavascriptPage 1 | Page 2 | Page 3

  • Lara Seltzer

    Lara Seltzer

    Client – Writer/Business Owner Lara SeltzerConcept design/Content creationCustom HTML5/CSS3/Javascript website for Los Angeles, CA writer and business owner.Page 1 | Page 2 | Page 3