A meditative moment…

Quiet and calm

It’s time for a meditative moment. To start, find a quiet place where you can sit with no sound and quiet the thoughts in your head? If you’re thinking, “Oh sure! Easier said than done!” You’re mistaken. It’s not easy. I meditate three to six times a week, and it is always a struggle to shut down all of your rambling thoughts and runaway dreams. The daily grind, the general noise that comes with a full life. Don’t worry if random thoughts pop in. Just shush them and get back to the peaceful bliss of silence.

For five minutes, sit with your eyes closed. When you start thinking about your day, stop. Don’t be afraid to tell yourself to shut up out loud. Just sit and listen. Listen to the quiet. Let it absorb into the rest of your body. Breath slow and deep. Count six beats in, six beats out. If this is too much, start with four beats in, four beats out, whatever works best for you. Each person will have their own level of comfort, and that is the starting base. Over time you’ll realize that you are breathing deeper and easier.

Coming out of it, you should feel a sense of calm running through you. Open your eyes and sit. Enjoy the calming effects for a little while longer.

Making a habit of taking five minutes a day to meditate will give you a boost and help keep your stress levels down. A good pair of over-the-ear noise-canceling headphones will block out unwanted background noise. This will help block out unwanted noise and help keep things quiet.

Doing a meditative moment a day will help keep you healthy and happy.