The Mind-Body experience

Change is a fact of life. If something doesn’t change, it dies. Humanity is fast approaching a point where we must change or perish. Modern medicine can only take us so far and if we are going to survive as a species, we must change. We must evolve. We must achieve the greatness that we are meant to achieve. Learning more about the Mind-body experience is the first step in reaching a healthier state of mind and body.

Thanks to advances in cancer treatments, neurosciences, and other areas we are living longer healthier lives, but medical science can only take us so far. One discovery made recently found receptor cells lining the outer wall of each cell, allowing for the cells to take on a form of intelligence science did not think possible.

Smart Cells

A basic cell structure contains three parts. The Membrane, the Nucleus, and the cytoplasm. On closer inspection, you’ll find there is much more than that. Science has recently discovered receptor cells that lay on top of the membrane waiting to receive instructions.

Receptors cover each cell and wait for instructions. These receptor cells then relay the instructions to the cell for it to do its task. Anything from attacking a virus to scratching an itch. This is where modern medicine begins to break down.

When you take a prescribed medication to cure an ailment, that medication is flooding every cell receptor instead of the targeted messages that the brain sends. This creates the negative side effects that you may experience when taking medication.
Science has been able to create more targeted drugs as advances in technology continue, but we need to be focusing more on a mind-body experience rather than rely solely on modern medicine.

Meditation & Yoga

It was not that long ago that yoga and meditation were on the fringes of society and often mocked and laughed at, especially in the United States. Luckily times are changing and more and more people are turning to meditation and yoga as they search for a healthier lifestyle.

My own Mind-body experience began after dealing with multiple Neurologists and ENT doctors to determine why I get sharp, painful headaches that last 10-30 seconds. I discovered that my left inner ear is damaged due to a motorcycle accident in my early twenties. When I asked why the symptoms didn’t show up for thirty years, they could not answer. Their solution, medication, which even the doctor did not think it was a good idea.

After getting no help from doctors and refusing to take medication that would numb me all day, I decided to give meditation and yoga a try. Starting this at fifty, you can imagine the aches and pains created by moving my body in ways that it forgot it could do. The first few attempts at meditation were promising at first, but difficult to continue.

Eventually, my practice became routine and I now meditate daily and practice yoga five to six times a week. Some times I only get to meditate for five minutes, other times it lasts for thirty. Don’t worry so much about how much time you spend meditating rather concentrate on the experience itself. With practice, after only five to ten minutes you can feel calm and recharged.

The journey is long, but the destination is worth it

While all of this may sound fantastical and maybe even a little impossible, the mind-body experience isn’t something that happens with ease. While mentally I am happier ninety percent of the time, I still have bad days, and depression and anxiety will rear its ugly head. I can’t always quiet my mind and meditate. Some days the ringing in my head is overpowering and I all I want to do it cut off my head.

Your experiences will be different and that is perfectly ok. Go at your own pace, but just go. Don’t stop. If you miss a day for whatever reason, that’s fine. Life has a way of getting in the way just as much as we get in our own way. Taking five to ten minutes during the day to sit in a quiet place is enough to help settle and recharge your body and mind.

Mind-body experience centers and other resources

If you are in the Phoenix area, you can check out these mind-body health centers to begin your journey to a healthy state of mind and body.
Optimyze – Mind Body Breath Center
Kadampa Meditation Center

I would also suggest reading the following books:
Quantum Healing and The Healing Self by Deepak Chopra

If you are looking for an online guide or tutorials, visit GAIA. An inexpensive service that provides hundreds of videos on different yoga practices, meditation techniques, and much more. Starting a new routine will be difficult, but you just need to stick to it. Remember, this is a lifestyle change, not a quick fix. With all of us bunkered down during the pandemic, this is the perfect time to change your life.