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Follow me and a dog named Dexter on a journey into this thing called life. Part 1 was all about growing up, making mistakes, and learning from those mistakes. Life part 2 is all about following my dreams, letting my creative energy flow, and learning from those earlier mistakes... it's a life long process.
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  • Let your true beautiful self shine through

    You Look Marvelous – Letting your inner self shine through

    Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. The common phrase basically means the person looking at you gets to determine how you look. This backward way that we judge other people based solely on their appearance is old, boring, and needs to go. Your inner self is the perfection of beauty, and no one…

  • ayurvedic lifestyle

    The balance of a healthy life: A look into the Ayurvedic lifestyle

    Life is balance. As a child, I would love to play on the teeter-tooter with my friends. You would sit on one end, and your friend would sit on the other, and up and down, you would go. If the two weigh about the same, both people will exude the same energy to enjoy the…

  • California Road Trip

    California Road Trip

    The open road is calling and California is the destination. This road trip is a long time coming and a lot cheaper than therapy. If you’ve never tried Road Therapy, I would suggest giving it a try. I was fortunate enough to visit Lake Tahoe with my family many times while growing up and I…

  • Family photos

    Family is Everything

    Family, by blood or by choice, is everything.

  • Stella Kay B&W

    Stella Kay

    One of my favorite models that I had the privilege to work with. Stella Kay is based in Las Vegas, NV.

  • Wood frame paint cans

    Wood crafting

    How much wood would a Wood Chuck chuck if a Wood Chuck could chuck wood? I don’t know. I never met a Wood Chuck, but here’s a little project I’ve been working on lately. Enjoy!

  • The mind-body experience can open doors you never knew existed.

    The Mind-Body experience

    Change is a fact of life. If something doesn’t change, it dies. Humanity is fast approaching a point where we must change or perish. Modern medicine can only take us so far, and if we are going to survive as a species, we must change. We must evolve. We must achieve the greatness that we…

  • The Phoenix Rising

    Phoenix Rising – a meditative journey

    As a child, we would often sit and stare up at the sky and see shapes in the clouds. We would see what our limited experience told us to see—Bunny Rabbits and Old Man Winter with his gusts of cold wind. As I started meditating, I began to see different things in the clouds. Smiling…

  • Hip & Joint Supplements for your Pup

    The marvel of science has allowed us to achieve more within our bodies. We live longer, move faster, jump higher, all thanks to a better understanding of our bodies. Well, the same goes for your beloved four-legged friends. Your dog’s knees and joints can get just as painful for them as it is for us,…

  • Eye Wide Open

    I was born wild-eyed with a head full of hair…

    I was born with my eyes open and a head full of hair. Today, near-sighted and bald, I can only laugh and wonder about the things my young eyes did see. After fifty years of trying to figure out who I am and what my purpose is, It appears that I have no idea what…